Butterfly Melodies


Butterfly Melodies is all about having fun and making happy memories for both you and your child. I encourage the children to involve themselves and use their imaginations as often as they wish especially by choosing favourite songs and giving ideas in songs like who is on the bus? which animals are in the jungle? and colours of things.

You and your child will be occupied all the time either singing, dancing, wriggling your fingers, skipping, hopping, bouncing children on your lap, throwing them in the air or generally having fun. Your child will get the chance to sing, use instruments, play under the parachute and burst bubbles.

If your child is full of energy and can’t stay in the circle then don't worry too much!! I fully understand first hand that its difficult sometimes to keep a child in one place and that in a group you can feel stressed if they wander off, as long as they are safe and not distracting the others too much I am quite happy for them to wander to the side etc until they are happy to come back.

I am at the sessions to provide a fun time for you all but am also there for a chat and to get to know your child's likes and dislikes. I like to run an informal session where I am not seen as just the teacher or leader but one of the session members so please approach me with any issues etc and I will be more than happy to listen.


£6 per family

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